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Meet the Team

Compassionate Counseling with Our Skilled Team


LaTranette Long, LMHC-QS, LPC, CCATP

Licensed Mental Health Counselor-Qualified Supervisor

As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Licensed Professional Counselor, I provide virtual tele-health services to clients residing in Florida and Georgia. As a coach and mental health professional I aim to assist women in taking control of their life whether that’s through understanding how your anxiety and depression presents itself or making healthy changes within your life to feel better about yourself and your relationships.


I have been trained in cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness based CBT, grief, parent management, trauma informed care and other techniques to assist my clients. I assist clients in understanding and navigating anxiety, life transitions, self-esteem and relational concerns. Each technique used is personalized to best suit client’s needs.

I am also a Qualified Supervisor that is passionate about helping Florida Registered Mental Health Counseling interns understand themselves professionally and improve their competence so that they can assist their clients in their growth.

Being your authentic self is your birth right so whether counseling, consultation, coaching or supervision is what you need then you’re at the right place!


Deserae Anderson, MA, RMCHI

Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern

Deserae Anderson is a mental health counselor intern in the Tampa Bay, Fl area. She works with individuals of all ages. Many of Deserae’s clients come in to address anxiety, depression, low self esteem, trauma. Deserae is particularly passionate about serving young adults preparing or adjusting to the changes that come with adulthood. 

Deserae is trained in Person Centered and other evidence based practices, which create a safe place for clients to be able to express themselves freely, build self- esteem, and promote self- awareness. In session, Deserae focuses on Grounding tools and other tools to increase self-awareness. This approach supports clients to be able to navigate the changes that occur in their daily life with more ease.

Deserae's style is engaging, non judgement and thoughtful. When clients first start therapy, they will establish a strong relationship and comfortable environment where they feel safe and heard.

Deserae received their M.A in Mental Health Counseling from Springfield College School of Counseling. She has worked at as a Probation specialist and family support working which provides her with alot of experience for her new profession. Deserae offers virtual/telehealth sessions only for clients that reside in Florida.


Shanecia N. Harvey, MS, RMHCI

Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern

Shanecia Harvey is a Mental Health Counselor in Florida. She works with Adults and couples of all ages. Many of Ms. Harvey’s clients come in to address anxiety, depression, life transitions and parenting. Ms. Harvey is particularly passionate about serving women and children. She also have advanced training in school counseling. 

Ms. Harvey is trained in Cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness based CBT, and person centered modalities in which she examine thoughts, beliefs and behaviors to identify if they are helpful and shift them into healthier habits and beliefs. In session, Ms. Harvey focuses on grounding, emotional regulation and self care. This approach supports clients to openly express their thoughts and emotions with clarity on how to care for themselves.

Ms. Harvey's style is open, non judgemental and supportive. When clients first start therapy, we will work to understand your history of current symptoms and relational dynamics along with identifying your therapeutic goals. 

Ms. Harvey received their Masters in School Counseling from Capella University. She has worked at working as a certified school counselor within the school system. Outside of private practice, She I enjoy spending time with my family to make prominent memories traveling or trying out new local spaces. Shanecia only provides telehealth sessions to clients that reside in FL. 

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