Get to Know Me

LaTranette Mannor, LMHC

I am the owner and Licensed Mental Health Counselor at Love and Empathy Counseling, LLC. I am certified in trauma informed care, sexual abuse, parent management training, motivational interviewing, and CBT interventions.

I pride myself on being a mindfulness based cognitive behavioral therapist and have used this skill set over the past 5+ years with children, adolescents, and adults on an individual and group basis in their home, community, and/or office setting. I can assist you in coping with trauma, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem/confidence, attachment issues/concerns, and assist in achieving personal growth. I utilize clinically tested and evidence based interventions, which include a strength based approach to assist clients in achieving their goals. Each therapy technique is personalized to best suit each client’s unique needs.

If you’re seeking to gain a better understanding of your mental health needs and/or support coping with daily life struggles, allow Love and Empathy Counseling to assist you in exploring options to maintain balance and peace in your life.