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Loving yourself isn't vanity, it's sanity!


We are providing you with this lovely hard cover journal to assist you in having a space to process your thoughts, feelings and emotions on a weekly basis. Sanity over Vanity products are a reminder to do things for the sake of your sanity above all. It’s amazing to look good but it's phenomenal when we feel even better than we look!

This journal was designed by a mental health professional that is passionate about wellness and self-care, therefore it provides you with weekly journal prompts as well as space for monthly reflection. It includes spiritual quotes and scriptures to help keep you grounded as you navigate through life. Journaling is a therapeutic task that is recommended for everyone so this journal was created with you all in mind to help promote mental well-being and spiritual connection.


Purchasing this journal as a gift for yourself or a loved one is an amazing idea!

Sanity over Vanity Journal

SKU: 364215376135191
$19.99 Regular Price
$11.99Sale Price
Color: Tan
  • 6x9 Hardcover Journal

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